Lighta Soundboy is an Afro-German artist, producer, and DJ, combining influences of reggae, hip hop, r’n’b, as well as electronic elements.

Lighta Soundboy started making music as a kid, when listening to his favorite records and trying to learn how to play along on a guitar. Soon, he began to deejay, which led to writing original lyrics, and subsequently to music production. Together with fellow artists and friends, music has been released on tape, CD and vinyl. A publishing deal with a former EMI associate was signed eventually but put on the shelf by the artist.

His solo debut EP Almighty Is Jah Jah has been released in late 2016 by Riverwater Publishing and was produced mainly on the road, between Africa, Asia and Europe. Besides a digital download, the EP is now also available as a limited CD edition, in two different designs, both hand signed. Orders can be placed directly through this website (scroll down to music). Check also the video to “Mama Africa (Soundsystem),” shot at the Nubian Pyramids, and the lyric video to the single “Almighty Is Jah Jah.”


Picture taken in Peacetanbul.


Rare footage of Sudan has been featured in Lighta Soundboy’s video to “Mama Africa (Soundsystem).” Particularly that of an ancient Nubian site, around the former capital of the Kingdom of Kush.

Lighta on the video:

Since we was on a tight budget with the EP, it just appeared logically to do it in Sudan during family visit. I’d be happy to implement a variety of other African cultures too though, as the song is basically to cheer and empower all Africans, the diaspora, and beyond. But this is what we got so far. And I don’t think that Sudan is generally over-represented outthere in this context, especially considering the fact that it has been a crossroads of people since way back. That alone makes the video a statement of multiculturality. So we are glad to release these vibes, together with some visuals which not just entertain a little but also have a bit power to educate, after all. But to be honest though, for me its all about the song. In the end, I’m a musician, not an actor or director.”

Besides the pan-african theme of the chorus, the song also taps into other topics such as spiritual diversity, social injustice, media hype, etc. According to the artist, the references to Mama Africa Soundsystem in the title and in parts of the song verses are about respect on a more local level:

Mama Africa Soundsytem is a ‘veteran sound,’ founded by my friends from the Gambia. We collaborated, in a climate of tough competition over here in the local Reggae scene of Hamburg, Germany, where we based at. That’s why I thought, I gotta give a little shout out.” (Lighta Soundboy)


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